“The Just Church” – Jim Martin


Jim Martin takes the reader through three adventures throughout his book, The Just Church. These three adventures that the readers go on are; preparing our hearts for feeling aguish for the injustices of this world, how to start a justice ministry in your church, and stories of churches that have started a justice ministry. The Just Church takes the reader on three different adventures for three different type of people.



Part 1 of Jim Martin’s book was filled with wisdom and knowledge that all believers need to go to battle or even start a justice ministry, which was the idea of “hitting failure point.” This idea has given eye opening thoughts of walking in true faith that God will have to prevail or nothing will come of it. Jim Martin gives great insight through this whole Part 1 of his book by incorporating this idea with faith, relationships and discipleship.

Jim Martin’s idea of “hitting failure point” is something that all believers should consider when dealing with mountains of life where faith in God alone is the ONLY ANSWER.

This first part of the book is really for the readers who want to know more about injustice and how to deal with a broken heart for these injustices of this world. Or even for the believers, who are so self-focused that they do not realize the injustices in the world.

2. People Building a JUSTICE MINISTRY

Part 2 of The Just Church is about the three phases of building a justice ministry. Jim Martin goes through these three phases in a depth that it is more of a “how-to” guide of how to start and sustain a ministry that brings justice to the injustices. These three phases that Jim Martin brings the reader to become familiar with are; the Encounter, Explore and Engages phases. These three phases that Jim Martin goes in depth about is a help for the reader that is in need of a guide of how to start a justice ministry.

This part of The Just Church is really for those church leaders, or people who are looking to get started in doing something in there church against injustices. If the reader is just looking for a feeding of how to pray or just know wisdom about the injustices of this world, then this part of the book gets lengthy. This is not saying that this part of the book the reader should not read if they are not interested in starting a justice ministry, but it is just saying that it may seem lengthy if the reader is not looking to start such a project.

3. Stories That BRING it ALL TOGETHER

Just as in sermons, when pastors or preachers use stories to illustrate how all that they just spoke about relates or works together, so does Jim Martin in The Just Church.

This part of The Just Church is an interesting and good part to read if the reader really wants to see how the content of what they just read looks in real life situations. This section of the book is for BOTH set of people that are going to read this book. I say this for the fact that this section shows and guides the reader into a sense of settlement of the truth that the content of this book WILL HELP BUILD A JUSTICE MINISTRY in time. That settlement might call a reader into starting one, or call a reader into a broken heart for all the churches that do not have a justice ministry.

Opinion of the WHOLE BOOK!

As for this Jim Martin’s, The Just Church, I would give it to everyone that is thinking about doing full time ministry or are already in it, because it is essential for both types of people illustrated above. I thought it was a very insightful and wisdom filled book that could bring many believers to start feeling the anguish for the injustices or stop being self centered people.

Tyndale House Publishers have provided me with a complimentary copy of The Just Church by Jim Martin.