Why Churches NEED a Young Adults Ministry….


What is going on?   

Back in my youth group days, I always wondered what I could be a part of in the church once I graduated. The truth was, there was nothing. The majority of churches across America have not dove into ministry for young adults or found a place in their church for the 18-and-graduated to around age 28.

After searching the web, I found some staggering statistics about young adults and the church. Firstly, 70% of young adults drop out of church. Many of them say they would not have left if:

  1. The church helped guide life decisions
  2. Parents were still married and went to churchya image
  3. Sermons were relevant to their life
  4. An adult in the church poured into them in a significant way to impact them spiritually and personally

These statistics should take your breath away. A young adults ministry is so important because many churches are not reaching out to this age group. What is there for young adults to do except give into temptation and join in with the ways of the world?

So what does a YOUNG ADULT ministry do?!

1) A place to call their OWN…

People like to have ownership or a place away from home to call theirs and that is exactly what this ministry provides. Young adults need a place they can go hang out and connect with people. A place where they can be completely themselves and not have to worry about what others may think about them. They need a place with a positive atmosphere. Granted, there will be spurts of drama and people not liking others, but that is beside the point. The point is this: they get to choose how much they DIVE IN so they can get A LOT OUT OF IT. However, if nothing is there for them to dive into, then there is nothing for them to call their own.

2) Getting CONNECTED…

 Getting connected into a new age group is a tough ride, but is necessary. Connecting young adults to the events that are going on and to others is essential to keeping them around. People will stop coming if they do not have anyone one there that wants them there, or likes them. Young adults need to connect with others to invite opportunity for friendship to take root.

3) Keeping a Relevant Message and Events…

One of the top reason young adults drop out or stop attending church is due to the fact that their leader or pastor was not doing anything relevant to them. Whether they were not doing anything relevant to their daily lives or where not providing events relevant in this day and age, being relevant to the crowd that we are serving is a big part of keeping that age group in or out of the church. While the particular demographic you are serving depends on which part of the United States you are in, it is the young adult leader’s job to find out what is relevant to them or not. How, one may ask? Intrude their lives by spending time with them: to see their likes and dislikes, and what is “hip” or not. Bringing the needs of the young adults out and serving them in those ways will plant seeds of growth and of enjoyment.

Why DID I just read this???

You read this because the truth is that if churches continue to neglect the young adult age group, the numbers of church dropouts will rise. It is not fun hearing the blunt truth sometimes, but the truth is right there. Young adults are in NEED of attention because they are being lost to the world. It is NOT about us, it is about bringing people to JESUS and that is exactly what a young adults ministry is – connecting people with people and showing them the love of Christ.


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